Get Connected

Get Connected

Part 1 of 7
Connecting with God

Matthew 6:1-5, 15

Most people believe in prayer and pray on a daily basis, but most don’t know how to truly connect with God.

In this series, Pastor Mark shows what works in prayer, what doesn’t work and how to get in touch with God one-on-one. By following His instructions found in Matthew 6, learn how your can relate to God intimately, receive the gifts that He offers, and respond to Him when He speaks.

2 Responses to “Get Connected”

  1. Peggy Peranen Says:

    Listening to “Connecting With God” series from 2006 and enjoying it very much.

    Question: Where are the sermon notes for the series? I would like to have them or be able to print them if possible. Thanks.

  2. admin Says:

    Were glad you are enjoying the video series! Unfortunately, message notes were not provided for several of the early message series.